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Parking Can Be Frustrating
Automated Car Parking SystemsParking in the city, or at a popular destination is one of those things that we all have to do at some point, but we never look forward to doing it. There is the hassle of having to leave early in order to allow extra time to find a parking spot. If it is a busy area it might involve the frustration of circling a parking garage to look for a parking spot or waiting for one to become available. Upon finding a parking space it can be a very daunting task to actually park in the space. Trying to park a vehicle between two other vehicles that have parked unevenly can be an extremely frustrating experience as is retrieving your vehicle from a space where you've been sandwiched in.
Out of all the aspects of the driving experience, parking tends to be one of the most intimidating and generally frustrating parts. There are new and innovative ways to change this with the invention and implementation of automated car parking systems.
Making Parking a Pleasure
The parking industry is undergoing a makeover with the introduction of high tech parking solutions that help to take the intimidation and frustration out of parking. Automated car parking systems generally involve the use of a vehicle lift in order to be able to stack vehicles in a very efficient manner. The efficiency of these systems means that when you are visiting an establishment that utilizes one of these systems:
  • No longer is it necessary to drive around looking for a parking space. These systems assure that there is always available parking.
  • No longer is it necessary to walk extremely long distances through multiple levels of a parking garage to get back to your vehicle as the compact nature of these parking systems means that your vehicle is always relatively close to the entrance of the parking system.
  • The vehicle needs only be driven straight into a parking space. The system then utilizes a computer program to automatically move the vehicle into the best possible parking space available.
  • Vehicle retrieval times are usually well under a minute, even with large numbers of vehicles parked.
  • Vehicle safety is greatly increased due to the simplistic nature of this parking eliminating parking lot accidents.
These types of systems offer a level of convenience never seen before in parking. The negative aspects of the parking experience are eliminated and replaced by user-friendly and convenient operations.
Types of Automated Car Parking Systems
There are a number of different types of automated car parking systems that are available for implementation. These types include:
  • Stack Parkers
  • Semi-Automatic Parkers
  • Fully Automatic Parkers
  • Puzzle Lifts
  • Pallets
The different types of solutions all have varying levels of automation that are built in. Fully automatic parkers and puzzle lifts have the highest levels of computer automation available.
These systems are built on solid technological principles and in some cases are backed by over 40 years of experience in design and implementation of car parking systems. These systems are cutting edge and are helping to continue to change the way the world thinks about parking.
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Automatic Parking Solutions provided by Klaus Car Parking Systems Inc.
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Automotive Lifts an effective tool against parking space crisis
auto stackers address the need for more efficient parking solutions
Auto stackers have changed the way the world thinks about parking by making it more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. These parking solutions are a necessity in any city where available space for parking is limited.
automated parking systems
Automated parking systems are ideal for maximizing parking density, efficiency and convenience while also adding value to your building. Find out how they can turn your parking issues into a thing of the past by calling 416-925-2614 today.
automatic parking solution
This homepage has information about automatic parking systems that can be installed to save both time and space in both commercial and large residential buildings.
automated car parking systems
Automated car parking systems take many of the frustrating elements of the parking experience and replace them with user-friendly aspects that help to provide a convenient parking experience. There are varying degrees of computer automation depending on the parking solution implemented.
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